Posted on: April 30, 2008 10:07 am

Are We on the Brink AGAIN?

Well, I heard on the news this morning that our military has placed another Aircraft carrier in the Mediterranean near Iran. 

Is this to appease Israel who have been increasingly threatened by Iran?  Is this a show of strength to let Iran know that we mean business about their nuclear desires?  Was there a strong western breeze that blew the ship through the Staight of Gibraltar?

I guess this happens occassionally, but I cannot imagine that we can spread our military out even more by sending any troops into Iran.  I suppose it would be mostly an aerial assualt if we do anything. 

Regardless of whether anything happens in the immediate future I know that we are going to have to deal with Iran at some point.  What are your thoughts folks?  Diplomacy?  Shock and Awe?  A combination of those?

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