Posted on: May 5, 2008 10:24 pm

Have you ever been pooped on?

Well, I want all of the Cleveland Steamer and Dirty Sanchez folks to go away immediately. This blog is not for you....unless you have another story. No this is not about perverted bedroom behavior, it is about other digusting things that happen in life.

I was shopping with my daughter yesterday. Just a beautiful day here in Tulsa, the sun was shining and the wind was finally not gail force. I was excited to get to the hardware to take care of some necessary honey-do's and do some flower shopping with my 3 year old who is quite the gardening assistant.

I parked the car and went around to retrieve her from her car seat when I felt something wet hit my chest.....sure enough it was bird crap. Disgusting!!!!!!! Nothing gives me the willies like bird crap. I have dissected human cadavers, cleaned fish/rabbits/birds/deer, hooked many a worm, cleaned litter boxes, shoveled dog poop, and done my fair share of changing dirty diapers but nothing grosses me out like bird crap. Well, that not entirely true. Tracheotomy suctioning is pretty retchid too, but bird crap ranks right up there.

So anyhow the day became a little less sunny after the bird crap. Thankfully it was a fairly small amount that I was able to shake off and then I headed directly to the bathroom in the store to clean up better.

I want to hear your disgusting stories of happenstance. Once again the disclaimer that this is not intended to be about your sexual exploits with people on Spring Break or in Vegas. Please refrain yourselves somewhat.
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