Posted on: September 5, 2008 10:55 am

Decison 2008

Well, I have really been into politics this year (for me at least).  I followed the primaries in both parties closely and have tried to be diligent in really studying the candidates and their positions this cycle.  It is obviously going to be a unique year with a bi-racial candidate and woman on the brink of making history, and it is easy to get swept up into all of the momentum that both parties have created.

I have gone back and forth on who I could see myself voting for in November and had told myself that there was still plenty of time to continue collecting data and listening before making a decision.

However, as I watched John McCain speaking last night I was moved.  Moved to a decision.  Moved to an obligation in my response to what I watched last night.  My decision is to vote for John McCain.  He deserves my vote.  I owe it to him for his life of service to our country.  That is how I feel about it now and it is clear to me what I will do in that booth in November. 

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