Posted on: November 26, 2008 2:45 pm

My Daughter is Taking After Me....

and it is not one of the qualities that I hoped to pass on unfortunately. 

I am thrilled that she resembles me in some ways to keep the Italian genes alive, and I hope that she does adopt some of the better qualities that I possess such as a desire to help people, a desire to care for the planet, and a sense of humor.  I don't have too much more to offer, but I can hope for these things.

However, it appears that my sweet little angel has inherited one of my worst qualities as well and that is as a "thing-thrower."  I was definitely a "thing-thrower" as a kid growing up.  Really only in individual sports, but I definitely did my share of tennis racket and golf club tossing in my younger days.  I have even thrown a tool or two in adulthood when a particular home improvement project was not going my way.  It's an extremely silly and childish way to express anger and frustration without a doubt, but I cannot deny that it is part of who I am/was. 

So anyhow, Squirt (what I call her) has inherited the "thing-throwing" trait and it is getting her in a lot of trouble around the house these days.  She is approaching 4 years old and anger management is not one of her strong suits (is it any 4 year old's strong suits?).  She has taken to throwing markers, paper, toys etc. when she doesn't get her way.  It's not something that is out of control and she is always punished for this behavior, but it's just so funny to see yourself in your kids in both good and bad ways.

Hopefully we can curb this behavior and focus on the positive attributes that my wonderful wife and I have passed on to our little Squirt.  Happy Thanksgiving to everyone.

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