Posted on: January 1, 2009 11:23 pm

A New Years Day Miracle at my house.

When I was a single man living in an apartment I decided I wanted a pet.  I like big dogs but that wasn't an option in my mind without a yard to play in.  My girlfriend at the time had an aunt whose cat birthed a litter.  I had never had a cat, and I was actually fairly allergic to the few I had spent time around, but I took one of the kittens anyhow.  That was about 10 years ago.

About 8 weeks ago I was working on the house and was in and out of the garage all day.  My wife and kids were visiting my in-laws and apparently Duncan found his way outside.  He doesn't have front claws so we discourage him from being outside, but he does love to get out and roll around on the concrete and look at birds.  I guess this time he went a little further and we lost Duncan.  We called all of the vets in the area, and the pound, and put signs up all over the neighborhood but we didn't get any calls except from a very mean kid who thought he was funny by telling me he ran over my cat. 

As the weeks passed I found myself looking around the neighborhood less and less.  On my runs I expected less and less to find Duncan somewhere around the next corner.  We gave our leftoever litter and food to our neighbors who have 2 cats and we hoped that someone had taken Duncan in. 

Since he was lost we have had some bitter cold nights in the teens and even a couple colder, a couple of snow and ice events that stayed around for a few days.  If Duncan was outside I was concerned he would have frozen to death.

I received a phone call tonight from a man who remembered seeing one of my signs (that had all but blown away or been rained on enough to be unreadable) and found one that still had my phone number on it.  He lived 2 blocks from my house and he had a cat that sounded like Duncan.  Sure enough it is him and he is now home.  He is a skinny scared shadow of his former self, but he appears to be ok.  He is certainly purring plenty and will hopefully never pull this stunt again.  I am amazed that he was able to survive outside for so long.  What an amazing little animal.
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