Posted on: January 16, 2009 12:37 pm

Is there more to life than quick wit & innuendo?

That is the thought that has been running through my mind lately...........say it a'int so.

I speak almost entirely through sarcasm, witty comments, sexual innuendo and puns. I am able to carry on a conversation, but rarely does the aforementioned list escape entry into the discussion. I come by this trait honestly. My father is a peanut gallery expert. He works more in pun and corny jokes than I do, but I learned the ropes from my old man without a doubt. Now that I am turning into him more and more it is pretty surreal to be in a group gathering with him and see us one-upping eachother from across the room. Rudely interrupting perfectly normal conversations with our interjections of "humor".

As I have matured (laughable) or become older I have started to realize that maybe there is more to life than being the funny guy. I have held positions of leadership throughout my life in and out of work and I am able to temper down this behavior if needed, but I really prefer to be able to let loose. I have somehow avoided any lawsuits or pummelings so far in my life, but sometimes I can tell that my incessant "head in the gutter" status does wear people down.

Of course, now I have kids and I have learned that kids don't get sarcasm. They just stare blankly at you or run to another room. Not really a strong relationship builder.

So basically that leaves my co-workers, friends that I rarely get to see, and the people on this message board to bear the brunt of my behavior. My wife tolerates the wit, but the innuendo has been squashed. Basically I am here to declare that I am officially going to declare 2009 and the future as "My half-a$$ed attempt to tone down my over-the-top overt sexual innuendo and smart a$$ comments."

Wish me luck.

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