Posted on: February 10, 2009 4:50 pm

Look I can't stand A-Rod, but.................

who in the heII am I to judge him.

I hate that he lied about roids.  I hate when any athlete lies about PED's.  It's the ultimate slap in the face to the spirit of competition and sportsmanship.  It disgust me and pisses me off tremendously, but I have to give A-Rod a little bit of credit.

It took some balls to sit there with Gammons and tell the truth (at least part of it).  I cannot imagine the pressure that a young man would feel being the highest paid player in the history of a sport.  I can see how that would make a young man think about trying to get an edge to live up to all the HYPE.  I can see how the temptation might be overwhelming with an entire franchise asking you to carry it and a locker room full of teammates doing drugs.

All I can say is I won't judge A-Rod and he did earn a slight bit of respect from me for talking about his shady past.

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